Zanotti Un0° Multi-Temperature Transport Refrigeration Units


The Zanotti un0° Multi-temperature Transport Refrigeration Units are nose-mounted for Large Insulated Truck Bodies, cooling up to 5m zones, for positive and negative temperatures.

Zanotti un0° Multi-temp Transport Refrigeration Units are available for un0°80, 100 and 120 Units.

The Multi-temperature range is designed to cool Independent Temperature controlled zones in your refrigerated vehicle, at different set temperatures, so that you can deliver separate loads requiring both positive and negative temperatures, in the same vehicle at the same time – in other words, it allows you to deliver frozen fish and fresh produce in the same vehicle, protected independently from each other, at completely different temperatures.

This revolutionary new range of Independently powered Diesel Transport Refrigeration Units work separately from the vehicles compressor system as it run’s off of it’s own compressor, removing the need for drive belts resulting in improved efficiency and reduced fuel consumption.

Product Features

  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Low noise level
  • Automatic temperature management through microprocessor



  • Different voltage on request
  • Battery 100A/H
  • Additional heat provided by hot water and electrical heaters
  • Fuel tank
  • Copper piping kit

Technical Specs

un0°120 R404A
Tc 0°C – 2F Tc -20°C – 2F Tc 0° – 3F Tc -20° C – 3F Evap. air flow Air flow
6.300 W 3.800 W 7.600 W 4.400 W ?? m³/h ?? m

* Tc = Coldroom temperature


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