Model E1500


Daikin Exigo E1500 is the reflection of our legacy in innovation, reliability, and transport refrigeration expertise.
E1500 is the pinnacle of diesel-powered refrigeration, built on an electric-ready platform.

Technical Specs

Cooling Capacity 30/0°C (W) – Road and Grid 15000
Cooling Capacity 30/-20°C (W) – Road and Grid 8800
Heating Capacity -20/+2°C (W) – Road and Grid 10500
Air Flow Rate Evaporator at Max Pulldown (m3/h) Kubota Custom Diesel Engine

1500 cc / 4 Cylinders

NRMM Stage V Compliant*

Generator 15kW / 400V 3P 50Hz / Direct Drive
Compressor Custom Scroll Compressor / Economizer / Inverter
Variable Speed Components Compressor / Evaporator Fans / Condenser Fans
Temperature Zones Single
Controller Daikin PCB
Mass Kg
User Interface 7″ High Resolution LCD
Refrigerant R452A
Weight (kg) 700
Unit Dimensions W x H x D (mm) 2072 x 2227 x 440
Low Noise PIEK as option
Maintenance Interval (h) 3000
Connectivity Telematics with 2-year contract included
Maintenance Maintenance with 2-year contract included

* Provisional engineering data




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Model E1500