Zanotti SFZ248 Transport Refrigeration Units

Zanotti SFZ248 Transport Refrigeration Units are nose-mounted for Medium size Insulated Bodies up to 6m, for positive and negative temperatures.

They are a Direct Drive Unit, meaning that the refrigerant is pumped through the system using the vehicles engine compressor.

They’re made to be extremely durable in all weather conditions with all the hardware cased in tough ABS plastic, which also protects the condenser unit from UV damage from prolonged exposure.

Zanotti SFZ Units are aesthetically advanced with innovative Italian design in every aspect of the make – made to be streamlined to resist drag, while also efficiently cooling the system while on the move.

It’s what makes the Zanotti SFZ Units such a popular and reliable choice when deciding on what Unit your business needs.

Product Features

  • Low fuel consumption and labour costs
  • Low noise level
  • Compressor operated through the vehicle engine
  • Cab controls
  • Compatible with vehicles equipped with original A/C
  • Electronic controller with counter and alarm recording
  • Reduced total weight of the units


  • Compressor mounting kit
  • Different voltage on request
  • Double solenoid for heating
  • Multi-temperature

Technical Specs

Model SFZ248 R404A
Tc 0°C – Road Tc -20°C – Road Tc 0° – Stand by Tc -20° C – Stand by Evap. air flow Air flow
5.459 W 3.002 W 4.505 W 2.267 W 3.075 m³/h 7 m


Model SFZ248 R134A
Tc 0°C – Road Tc -20°C – Road Tc 0° – Stand by Tc -20° C – Stand by Evap. air flow Air flow
3.821 W 3.153 W 3.075 m³/h 7 m

* Tc = Coldroom Temperature




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