Zanotti Zero Z120b Battery Drive Refrigeration System

Zanotti Zero Z120b Battery Drive Refrigeration Systems are the only Electrical unit available from the Zanotti range, capable of delivering the temperatures you need when the mercury hits 40°C!

This small unit is designed for compact vans and small Dual-door refrigerated truck bodies for refrigerated utes and boasts ZERO emissions as it runs off its own compressor and the vehicle battery.

They’re made from the highest quality Italian parts and are manufactured in Italy – designed to be extremely durable in all weather conditions with all the hardware cased in tough ABS plastic.

Zanotti zer0° Z120b Transport Refrigeration Units are aesthetically advanced, with innovative Italian design in every aspect of the make – made to be streamlined to resist drag, while also efficiently cooling the system while on the move.

Product Features

Zanotti Z120b Rooftop Direct Drive systems are designed to deliver both chiller and freezer temperatures. Standard for Z120b:

  • Mounted In-Cab Electrical Controller
  • Unit Hardware and Condensation Draining kit
  • Vehicle Battery Electric connection unit
  • Electric Standby power plug that will run the refrigeration system while the vehicle is off and plugged in
  • Roof-Mounted for vans
  • Nose-Mounted for refrigerated truck bodies


  • Electrical Standby
  • Different voltage on request
  • Hot gas recovery

Technical Specs

Z120b Freezer (R404A)
Tc 0°C – Road Tc -20°C – Road Tc 0° – Stand by Tc -20° C – Stand by Evap. air flow Air flow
1.300 W 500 W 1.200 W 470 W 800 m³/h 4 m
Z120b Chiller (R134A)
Tc 0°C – Road Tc -20°C – Road Tc 0° – Stand by Tc -20° C – Stand by Evap. air flow Air flow
975 W 845 W 800 m³/h 4 m

* Tc = Coldroom Temperature


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