Zanotti Un0°120 Under-Mount Transport Refrigeration Unit

The Zanotti Un0°120 Under-mount Transport Refrigeration Unit is Installed beneath the vehicle and is suitable for Large Truck Bodies, for positive and negative temperatures while leaving the external Vehicle dimensions unchanged.

Contrary to the Uno Monoblock range, the Uno Under-mount Transport Refrigeration Units come with their compressor and evaporator units as separate components.

This revolutionary new range of Independently powered Diesel Transport Refrigeration Units work separately from the vehicles compressor system as it run’s off of it’s own compressor, removing the need for drive belts and pulleys, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced fuel consumption.

They are Ideal for customers who cannot nose-mount their compressor units on the truck body, that still need to maintain the temperatures that their business requires.

Product Features

  • Automatic temperature management through microprocessor
  • New design with air intake grille that allows a steady air flow and installation on both sides of the truck
  • Anti-corrosion body and long life structure
  • High reliability for storage products
  • Low fuel consumption thanks to the elimination of moving parts
  • Reduction of noise levels
  • User friendly
  • High level quality components
  • Reduction of service costs due to a longer time interval in maintenance operations
  • Reduction of parts to be maintained due to direct drive in place of drive belts
  • Reduced environmental impact due to low consumption and to low CO2 emissions


  • Remote control panel for external installation
  • Battery 100 A/H
  • Multi-temperature
  • Fuel tank
  • Different voltage on request

Technical Specs

un0°120U R404A
Tc 0°C – Road Tc -20°C – Road Tc 0° – Stand by Tc -20° C – Stand by Evap. air flow Air flow
12.207 W 6.315 W 8.461 W 4.285 W 2.520+2.520 m³/h 10,5 m

* Tc = Coldroom temperature




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