Zanotti SFZ009 Invisible Refrigeration System

Zanotti SFZ009 Invisible Line Transport Refrigeration Units are the largest out of our premium under-body Zanotti unit range, suitable for Medium Vans and essential for Large Vans.

SFZ Invisible transport refrigeration systems are designed to be work as either a chiller or Freezer system. They operate with the condensing unit being installed under the vehicle.

These units are Ideal for situations that require your vehicle to fit into limited height restricted zones.

They are Direct Drive Units, meaning that the refrigerant is pumped through the system using the vehicles engine compressor.

Product Features

Zanotti SFZ009 Invisible Direct Drive systems are designed to deliver both chiller and freezer temperatures for large vans. Standard for SFZ009:

  • Mounted In-Cab Electrical Controller
  • Reduced refrigerant charge
  • Unit Hardware and Condensation Draining kit
  • Fitted with vehicles equipped with original A/C
  • Low power consumption
  • Automatic or manual defrosting
  • Under-body Mounted for vans
  • Not available for truck bodies


  • Different voltage on request
  • Hot gas defrosting kit
  • Compressor mounting kit
  • Double solenoid for heat

Technical Specs

SFZ009 Freezer (R404A)
Tc 0°C – Road Tc -20°C – Road Tc 0° – Stand by Tc -20° C – Stand by Evap. air flow Air flow
3.217 W 1.850 W 2.300 1.100 840 m³/h 4 m
SFZ009 Chiller (R134A)
Tc 0°C – Road Tc -20°C – Road Tc 0° – Stand by Tc -20° C – Stand by Evap. air flow Air flow
2.290 W 840 m³/h 4 m

* Tc = Coldroom Temperature





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