U800 Multi


The redesigned Uno range of units are independently powered with a diesel engine, and available in various capacities to efficiently transport temperature-controlled products in medium to heavy trucks. The Uno features Zanotti’s innovative direct coupling design between the engine and the compressor, and utilize Daikin’s expertise in design for reliability and performance. Their high cooling performance, energy efficiency and extended maintenance intervals minimise the total cost of ownership, while meeting the most stringent emission, material waste, and noise pollution regulations.

U800 Multi and U1000 Multi are designed as nose-mount, installed on the front wall of the box, with multiple configurations of evaporators and fans to meet the requirements of a wide range of vehicle types and applications. All-new electronics enable advanced diagnostics and two-way telematics including remote monitoring and control. A robust interface in the cabin can be installed in the vehicle DIN slot or mounted on the dash, allowing real-time monitoring and control of unit performance to ensure goods are maintained at precisely the right temperature throughout the trip.

Product Features

  • Multiple temperature zones in the same vehiclee
  • Designed for high reliability with a custom Yanmar engine
  • Innovative powertrain design enabling high performance and energy efficiency
  • Reduced fuel consumption and noise
  • Extended maintenance intervals
  • All-new electronics compatible with two-way telematics
  • 2-year standard warranty, extendable up to 5 years

Technical Specs

Refrigerant [-] R452A
Defrost [-] Hot gas defrost
System net cooling capacity under ATP conditions (30°C ambient temperature)
[°C] 0°C -20°C
Road mode [W] 8400 4200
Stand-by mode [W] 5600 2900
Heating capacity
Road mode [W] 7300
Stand-by mode [W] 4900
Airflow rate
Airflow rate at 100kPa static pressure [m³/h] 2x 1680
Monoblock road and stand-by [kg] 500
Monoblock road-only [kg] 460
Evaporator [kg] 35 x 2
Diesel engine
Displacement [cc] 1116
Rated power output [kW] 13,2
Maintenance interval [hrs] 2000
Road compressor
Displacement [cc] 325
Stand-by compressor
Displacement [m³/h] 14,4

These products contain fluorinated greenhouse gases (R452A GWP=2140,5).
Stand-by voltages available: 400/3/50


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