SFZ009e Multi Invisible Electric

The Invisible Electric range is designed for discreet and efficient transportation of refrigerated products in vans on electric power, both on road and during stand-by. A highly reliable battery-inverter package supplies the power, making the Invisible Electric an ideal choice for full-electric, hybrid, or conventional vehicles.

These units are installed underneath the vehicle chassis, completely invisible from the outside, preserving the aesthetics, original height and aerodynamics of the vehicle, while reducing bodywork. SFZ009e offers varying refrigeration capacities and volume ratings tuned for different applications. SFZ009e Multi features dual evaporators to enable products with different temperature requirements to be transported in two separate zones.

The Invisible range, with its ultra-thin dimensions make it the ideal choice for customers who need a space-saving solution. A driverfriendly interface in the cabin allows real-time monitoring and control of the unit performance to ensure the cargo is maintained at precisely the right temperature throughout the trip.

Product Features

  • Zero emissions
  • Powered by reliable battery-inverter pack on road, chargeable on electric grid
  • Compatible with full-electric, hybrid or conventional vehicles
  • Multiple temperature zones in the same vehicle (Multi model only)
  • Vehicle access to tight underground areas
  • Under-chassis mounting preserves vehicle aesthetics and aerodynamics
  • Invisible from the outside
  • Low noise
  • User-friendly cabin driver interface
  • Telematics-compatible
  • 2-year standard warranty

Technical Specs

Refrigerant [-] R452A
System net cooling capacity under ATP conditions (30°C ambient temperature)
[°C] 0°C -20°C
Battery mode [W] 1760 970
Heating capacity
Road mode [W] 1580
Airflow rate
Airflow rate at 100kPa static pressure [m³/h] 2x 620
Condenser with electric stand-by [kg] 75
Evaporator [kg] 2x 10,2
Max current
[A] 170

These products contain fluorinated greenhouse gases (R452A GWP=2140,5).
Stand-by voltages available: 230/1/50 or 400/3/50
Vehicle voltages available: 12VDC or 24VDC




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