Auto Frigo TRV3000 Under-Body Auxiliary Transport Refrigeration Units


Auto Frigo TRV3000 Under-body Auxiliary Transport Refrigeration Units are one of our most popular Transport Refrigeration Units for Large Refrigerated vans is our Under-body TRV range, rated to operate up to 30°C ambient out door temperature.

It is a Direct Drive Unit, meaning that the refrigerant is pumped through the system using the vehicles engine compressor.

Our TRV3000 refrigeration systems for Large vans can be modified to run as either a chiller or freezer by adjusting the overall efficiency of a fit out to go colder by altering the amount of insulation thickness and refrigerant gas type used.

Refrigerated vans operate with a cooling unit in the system called a condenser that cools the refrigerant gas after it has been heated and evaporated for refrigeration.

When refrigerant gas is cooled it turns back into liquid. This is a very important process for all sorts of refrigeration and air-conditioning.

Our TRV Under-body refrigeration units install the condensing unit under your refrigerated van.

This makes our TRV transport refrigeration units ideal for fridge vans required to fit into limited height restricted zones, as the condenser doesn’t take up room above your refrigerated van!

Product Features

Auto Frigo TRV3000 Under-body Auxiliary systems are available in both Chiller (134A) and Freezer (404A) variants.

Standard for all TRV3000 units:

  • Automatically maintained controller set temperature in Stand-by mode
  • Electronic Thermostat cab controller
  • Exterior vehicle dimensions remain unchanged due to under-mounted condensing unit

Optional extras for TRV3000 134A Chiller units:

  • Hot Gas Defrost

TRV3000 404A Freezer units come standard with Hot Gas Defrost

Technical Specs


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